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23 March 2023

If you are thinking of selling your home this spring, follow our step by step guide to show you how to present your house for sale to ensure it stands out from the crowd!

Step Three: Neutralise The Decor

Living Room - Staging to Sell - Measham Rd

APPEAL TO BUYERS - The next task on your home staging to-do list is to neutralise your décor. 

In a perfect world, all buyers could see past personalized décor to the bones of a home and completely disregard the cosmetic details.

However most buyers struggle to see past surface details like bright wall colours and outdated styling.

Bedroom - Measham Rd

ACCENT COLOURS -  We always strongly recommend neutralising everything and then accenting it with some subtle pops of colour! 

This will make your home appeal to more buyers and let them imagine their own decor in its place, which is an important step in making them feel attached to the property so that they are motivated to submit an offer.

Living Kitchen Staging - Measham Rd

DE-PERSONALISE - Removing personal items does not mean leaving a stark almost clinical home, buyers also need to envisage a lifestyle! Balance is key! This is where staging really pays off, style your property with accessories you may already own and you can add that WOW factor!

Local Builder Cadeby Homes asked us to.  install a partial stage in one of their properties at a new development in Ratby for an open weekend.

REMOVING TROPHIES - Personal items such as family photos, trophies and children's artwork adorning a fridge are all reminders that your perspective buyer is in a strangers home. This can be very distracting and also uncomfortable for some people and this sense of discomfort can sometimes make them feel rushed to leave.

To avoid this and to to help get ahead for the big move pack these items away and try and replace with more generic artwork, mirrors and ornaments.

Bedroom Staging Measham Rd

If you would like some advice on you staging your property for sale, get in touch and say

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By Sarah Atherton - Owner at Staged Spaces