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21 October 2022
Home Staging vs Interior Design

The difference between Home Staging and Interior Design


Let’s keep it short and simple:⠀⠀


Home Stagers are “decorating to sell”.


Interior Designers are “decorating to live.”⠀⠀

Local Builder Cadeby Homes asked us to.  install a partial stage in one of their properties at a new development in Ratby for an open weekend.

Let’s begin with what Home Staging is. Home Staging is an excellent marketing tool that 100% of estate agents agreed made it easier for potential buyers to visualise a property as their future home. It involves preparing a house for the market, within your budget, to help it sell in the fastest time and at the best price.

Home Stagers complete a home by bringing together an aesthetic that appeals to the highest number of potential buyers.⠀⠀

However Interior Design is focused on the structural changes, the floor plans and functions of space within the house. It allows clients to become attached to the design of their home and bring their own ideas to life. Clients can create homes with their personal tastes and requirements in mind.

Interior Designers do the opposite of Stagers: they personalise the property to the client’s requirements, whereas Home Staging creates a neutral space.

Canterbury Show Space

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